Standard Online conferencing tool features

  • Unlimited length and number of meetings 
    As the host, you can invite as many people to your meeting as you have purchased seats, and others in your organization may also host up to that number in unlimited meetings.
  • Do it yourself – it’s fast and easy 
    Teachers Presence is browser based and requires no downloading of software, so your IT department can feel comfortable with its use throughout your organization.
  • The most expansive number of participants for your meetings 
    Up to 16 multipoint online webcam conferencing individuals with an additional 150 concurrent audio attendees that can view the 16 video participants.

Additional Professional package features

  • Whiteboard 
    Present real time information you write on the Teachers Presence whiteboard.
  • Gather vital participant information 
    Teachers Presence gathers participant data and you can access this through the reporting section.
  • ShowMyDesktop 
    As host, allow meeting participants to view your desktop, including PowerPoint presentations and other documents.
  • Testing and surveys 
    During the meeting/classroom time, distribute and receive back confidential materials from each participant.
  • Distance Learning 
    UseTeachers Presence Classroom as an efficient and cost effective online classroom. 


What are the benefits of having an online videoconference?

  • Same time and money 
    Avoid costly travel with online,face-to-face meetings for a low monthly fee. You don’t need expensive videoconferencing equipment.
  • Many people can meet simultaneously 
    Up to 16 video participants and 150 concurrent audio participants can meet together in a single PictureCom Meeting conference.
  • Share ideas, presentations, documents and your desktop! 
    Ensure an effective meeting by presenting any number of exhibits to the participants.